Tuesday, 30 December 2008

And a year till the next blue moon...

It's time for another moon march - a show of lunar splendour. Outside your window for the next few nights (and for the last month or so) you'll see the moon has new neighbours: Jupiter and Mercury. Only a fingernail of moon is showing (unless you have one of my super telescopes, through which one can see the shadow of the other 90%) but our lunar friend is waxing towards the first full-moon of 2009. She'll have passed Jupiter, Mercury and Venus by the time we hit the new year (look outside New Year's Eve for Venus, blood-alcohol levels permitting).

2009. Something's happening? Ah yes, moonwalks.

January. The cellar.

Oh and a new adventure that I've just organised. It involves a brother, an observatory, a river, 15 miles of walking and something so reliable I'd set my watch by it.

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