Saturday, 20 December 2008

Asking for trouble

Ever felt like punching someone? Perhaps they cut you up, stole your woman, took the last peanut...or it's just a full-moon.

In 2007, East Sussex police conducted research into the effects of the full-moon on violence in humans in Brighton. Ok, that's probably not entirely true. Police being police, "conducted research" doesn't sound right. East Sussex police wanted to know whether they should dispense more bobbies onto the streets of violence hotspot Brighton under full-moon.

Does the full-moon make people more violent?

The lunar jury is out on this one. Some say yes: the moon unbalances the fluids of the body (like it does the tides of the seas), our hormones, raises testosterone, makes the sod who's undercut us on the roundabout the most evil man since the Devil himself. Some say no: it's coincidence; it's just episodes of violence (or any emotion - lust, envy, anger) are more memorable by full-moon.

So later next year I'll be speaking to people from both parties: the yeas and nays; scholars and police; behaviourists, nurses and doctors, psychologists. I'll be going out on the town under full-moon to see just how bloodied I can get. And I might even try to cut someone up (not in a knifing sense, I hasten to add), just for the laugh.

Oh - they have increased the police numbers under full-moon, you might be interested to know. It's going to be interesting to find out what/who made their decision.

I hope they'll be more helpful than they were here.

Take a look at the video on the ABC News website: please don't be put off by, or become violent because of the advert or motivational-video narrator ("Lots of people believe that when the moon is full, weird things happen...but that doesn't mean you're not a great person. Say after me, I'm a great person").

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