Sunday, 14 December 2008

Hunters Tor

What's the first thing you think when someone says full-moon? Ghosts? Werewolves? Howling? Somebody revealing the full of their bottom? To most I'd guess it's the spooky options above. Full-moon=ghoulish goings on.

So to satisfy readers of horror, I'm going to take a 2009 moonwalk across some of the most mythologised land in Britain - some of the darkest, wildest, most remote crags and mires on these fair isles.

When the Romans conquered Britain, it's thought they didn't get quite as far west as they would've liked. Isca (Exeter to you and me) seems as far as they went (probably M4-M5 route I'd guess). But then that doesn't explain the evidence that they made their way further west: a Roman coin near an iron-age hillfort at Hunters Tor, a few miles north-west of Lustleigh.

Rumour has it that a bloody battle took place between the local tribes and Roman legionnaires around the granite outcrop of Hunters Tor. In fact I've found a piece of transcript from the battle:

LEGIONNAIRE: In the name of Caesar, put down those jam-filled scones and piping hot teas and surrender!
TRIBESMAN: Bloody grockles.

Sadly no recording like in my last entry.

So it's thought the Romans passed Exeter and found the Tor. The battle took place and those who were killed lay scattered around the rock protuberance. But here's the ghostly part. Legend has it, by the light of the full-moon the spectres of the slain legionnaires can be seen gathering by the old hillfort about Lustleigh Cleave.

That's another must for 2009.

For those Sherlocks out there, I'm sure you've worked out where I'm going. For those Watsons, it's the heart of Dartmoor herself.


Diamond Badger said...

I've been enjoying these Moonwalk chronicles.

I hope you don't go crazy (lunacy and all that). On second thoughts, a crazy blog would be even more fun to read!

rob-writes said...

I'll deem the year a failure if I haven't been sectioned - or at least murdered - by the end of the year.