Wednesday, 10 December 2008

That's the 12th moon in Uranus in a month

Today I got an email from I'm not plugging them; I don't know enough about astrology to either back it or dismiss it. All I know is it used the word "moon", and now whenever I see that word written I make a note - just in case it leads to something special for my book.
As the Moon enters your 12th House of Privacy, you are likely to withdraw from social interactions and spend more time by yourself. Don't panic if those around you try to tease you into believing you are a social misfit. They just don't understand why you must recharge your emotional batteries before heading out and doing another round.
I love the pathos of this. Don't fret if your mates call you a social misfit. You'll get over it. And I loved the first phrase even more - "As the Moon enters your 12th House of Privacy". Enters my what?

I had to know more.

A house is one of the 12 sectors of the horoscope. The zodiac begins with the first house - Aries. Thus, associations with Aries are also associations with the first house - like "the self" for example. Subsequent houses (all 11 of them) go anti-clockwise around the zodiac - finishing with Pisces, the 12th house. The 12th house is a "cadent" and, like other cadent houses (ie 3rd, 6th and 9th), concerns the mental level of being. It's all to do with seclusion.

Got that?

"Any planet that is posited in the twelfth house tends to have its qualities and attributes hidden."

So the moon has entered its 12th House of Privacy (seclusion). That's not great for those born today - or reading today. You'll shut off - ache for seclusion. But tomorrow's another day and I had a sneaky look at the forecast: I don't want to give too much away but it's looking good thanks to an "electric uranus".

Certainly a subject I want to a little more about.

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