Sunday, 11 January 2009

Moonwalking The Royal Observatory to Waltham Abbey

For those of you concerned for my safety - and equally for those concerned I might survive - I'm pleased to announce/sorry to disappoint that a year of moonwalks started very successfully. I have the blisters to prove it. Yesterday I - alongside my brother and his Duracell-powered girlfriend - went along the Prime Meridian (as close as possible), from the Royal Observatory, Greenwich (via Chingford) to Sun Street, Waltham Abbey. On a banana and half a bottle of water. (I drank the water and ate the banana; I didn't ride the banana through the water, like it may sound.)

In the morning I managed to speak to astronomer/presenter of the 12pm Star Life show in the Planetarium, Colin Stuart (see him presenting a Jodcast), and have an impromptu cup of tea with him by the bin of the Planetarium cafe.

On the walk we chanced into three people - old friends and older neighbours who we hadn't seen for years; were warned off a bridge at clearly top secret film studios by a distant security guard threatening through a tannoy; got lost on the underpass at the Crooked Billet roundabout; helped a man push his wife's car across a busy junction, while she made life difficult by applying the handbrake (before rolling off and leaving her husband to run after her, shouting, "Where you goin', girl? Where's she goin'?"); and one of us nearly suffered brain damage from slipping on ice from a burst water pipe.

The full-moon showed up at 7pm, as we passed the terraced houses of Walthamstow.

It turns out it was nearer 17 miles than the 14 miles we'd not planned for.

And then I had my tarot reading in the cellar of White Witch by Debbie, and it turns out I may lose an eye and a leg this year. But the book should go well. Though the Death card did come up. And the man-holding-lots-of-sticks card. But I should be ok if I can borrow a stick when I lose my leg. Hope it's not the stick that removes my eye.

But that's enough revealers. You'll have to wait for the book...

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