Tuesday, 13 January 2009

What are you doing this Valentine's...

Most people go for a romantic meal for two. Some take a loving trip to Italy, to France, to Bognor. Others surprise their soul mate with a meal, a trip and a small gift wrapped in hearts and sealed with kisses.

I'm going to the South Building of the Royal Observatory with a flask, an apple and a notepad (wrapped in a backpack sealed with a zip).

So sometimes the Moon's full and sometimes it's not...but what exactly does this mean? And what exactly does the moon have to do with the tides of the sea? Or months for that matter? Explore these questions with one of the Royal Observatory's Astronomers and understand why landing on the moon really was a giant leap for mankind.

RO Adult Learning Programme, The Moon

Excellent. Just what I need. And it's free. Best Valentine's ever.

The travel instructions for the Observatory list the DLR, rail, bus and road routes - but surely they're missing something. What about that well-trodden 17-mile stroll through Chingford, Leyton, Walthamstow and Poplar? Not even Jamie from Walkit.com recommends that one.

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Sam said...

Sounds better than 99% of my previous Valetines days, I may have to join you for some moon talk.