Thursday, 5 February 2009

Thank you

It's about time I thanked some people for their enormous help in putting the first couple of chapters of Moonwalking together, and for contributing gems of information that have pushed the readership of this blog over 600!

This should really be reserved for the Acknowledgements part of the book, but of course we don't know whether Moonwalking will ever get that far (or do we?) (no we don't), so here goes...

In no particular order (and with glaring omissions with which I mean no offence)...

David Phillips (Torbay Investigators of the Paranormal) - I'm not sure I've ever received more enthusiastic emails than those I receive from David. I look forward to meeting the man in May, as he guides me around Dartmoor and regales me with tales of myth, ghouls and leads me to places of fine local ale.

Mark Lindsey Earley - a moonlore knowledge and another man of the South West I hope to meet in May (he and David ran Nocturnal Nightmares at Dartmoor Zoo until last year).

Debbie Harding - a Pagan, a lovely lady, a part-time tarot reader, a great storyteller and the owner of White Witch in Waltham Abbey: a little shop with all the Pagan gubbins you'd expect (if you're not sure what you'd expect, pop along and see, and then you'll know what to expect next time...or something). Blessed Be.

Janet Dooner - proprietor of The Railway Tavern, which I'd like to call the Official Pub of the 2**2 Oly**i* Gam*s, but due to huge trading restrictions imposed by the ODC, I'll have to call it the **official Pub of the *01* ***mp*c ***e* instead. Bring on 2***, may we w*n lots of g***, s***** and gold medal*. The Railway Tavern is the East End at her best: friendly, welcoming, chatty and charming.

Dr Das Baskill - a man with a scientfic brain - and a brain of which I will always be in awe.

Christophe Philipps - the feeder of many moon facts.

Daniel Oparison - web designer extraordinaire, who probably sees more of the moon than I do, as he works through the night putting my website together.

Fiona Campbell-Howes - a writer, a wit, a friend's partner and a top supporter.

And all those other wonderful people who in two months have made this project look more like a possible book than a stupidly unachievable caprice. I'll put these Thank You posts in now and then to say...thank you to those who have offered help; and on nearly every occasion without mention of money, desire of recognition and always with enthusiasm, real interest and a drive to see me published.

Thank you, all.

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