Saturday, 7 March 2009

February poll result

I'm in the middle of researching lunatic asylums - just in case the book gets to me more than I realise; not fair to make the folks find me one - so this is a slightly snipped post. But also an important one - the poll results from,

Which articles do you enjoy most?

Like with January's poll, the votes literally dribbled in (I'm of course using 'literally' in the figurative sense). Seven of you voted - or one of you voted seven times. Either way, thank you. The results are as follows:

My research/travels - votes 3 (42%)
Funny anecdotes - votes 2 (28%)
Moon facts - votes 1 (14%)
My Moonwalks - votes 1 (14%)
Space facts - (0%)
About scientists - (0%)

Once again, Blogger has decided to round down to 98%. I'm beginning to like its quirkly way of running polls and calculating results - there's a charm, a terribly inaccuate charm about it. But the gist is clear: I should stop launching polls.

Thank you to those who voted. In future I'll endeavour to write as many travel tales as possible. Though 28% of the time I'll probably throw in some funny anecdotes. Those looking for interesting facts about astronomers and cosmologists and their scientific studies will be hugely disappointed if they chance on this blog. The mob has spoken. Down with scientists.

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