Saturday, 28 March 2009

Spring Moonwatch

With news that Bill Oddie has lunatic tendencies, the world has turned the annual Springwatch into Spring Moonwatch.

Of course this is another of the lies I like to drop into the blog now and then; yes, Bill Oddie is going through one of his depressive phases and "recharging his batteries" (it's his agent, not I, who likes to report this so flippantly), but the BBC's Springwatch is set to continue with Cwis Packham at the helm. As a bonus in the Internation Year of Astronomy, people are being asked to look a touch higher than the birds and view the waxing first quarter moon as it becomes fuller.

Over the next eight days, we're all being encouraged to get out of the house at night and get stuck in to some lunar events across the country. We're all being given the chance to access big, powerful telescopes to see the moon at one of its best phases for shadow, contrast and a moving terminator.

Now, I've been trying for a few months to get everybody moonwalking: out of the house by moonlight to enjoy what nature's always offering. This is as much for my benefit as yours. What I'm thinking is if there are more of us on the streets at night, my chances of being murdered diminish. My attempts seem not to be working (I mean I don't see many nightwalkers, not that I keep getting murdered).

So let's all get out for Moonwatch. Let's see the moon in a quarter (by which I mean half) of its glory (probably get a nice bit of Earthshine too!). Let's lessen the chances of this writer finishing the year in a body bag and make sure he makes the blue moon.

Oh and don't forget Earth Hour tonight. 8:30pm, lights off please. Thank you.

Get well soon, Bill!

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