Monday, 23 March 2009

"Walking the Prime Line" - Moonwalking Audio

It's been a while since I recorded my voice, I thought the other day. So tonight I recorded it. But rather than merely vocalising for the sake of it - like Yoko Ono - I've decided to put down (as in recording rather than ending the life of) some audio for chapter 1 of Moonwalking.

Unlike last time, I don't have any excuses for my droning delivery. But you know what they say: one man's drone is another man's droll. It's funny, a close friend listened to my last piece of audio and emailed me, "That record of you talking about the book was fantastic, loved the humour and all in monotone which makes it all the more funny" - as though I was intentionally underplaying the thing for effect. Which of course I was.

Anyway - here's an excerpt from the second draft of chapter 1, "Walking the Prime Line" - my journey with brother and his partner along the Meridian Line from Greenwich to Waltham Abbey, Essex...


Diamond Badger said...

I really enjoyed listening to this. Something rich and genuine - an antidote to the mundanity of work.

I can't really praise this in a way that doesn't sound pretentious or slightly creepy, so I'll go for patronising instead: well done.

rob-sp said...

Thank you, Mr Badger. You managed pretentious, slightly creepy and patronising - testament to your skill with words.

Only joking - praise indeed. Thanks.