Sunday, 26 April 2009

Edinburgh MoonWalk - update

26 miles.

That's a long way. They looked knackered. The chap at the front clearly knew what he was doing, but the others - like the two in the camel - seemed out of their depth. Who on Earth would run 26 miles (well done, Jason!) when you can walk it? At night? In women's underwear?

On June 20th, I'll be walking around Edinburgh in a bra. I'm taking two good friends. We're all men - we probably make up half the male participants. The MoonWalk is a 26-mile marathon. But it's a powerwalk rather than run.

Powerwalking - walking quickly with elbows raised, back straight and arms moving in a "joggy" fashion

This morning I gave powerwalking a go around Fishers Green. Last weekend in Richmond Park I'd seen several women engaged in this activity. Strolling, elbows cocked, arms a-pumpin'. They looked energetic, athletic, determined. I looked like an idiot. But I soon found that powerwalking without the arm movement is like rowing without the oars. So when no-one was looking, I hoisted my arms and bounced along. Then, when a group of joggers approached, I dropped my arms and plodded on.

After an hour, I was pretty shattered. My shins felt like they were cutting through my feet. And it was this morning - for the first time since I signed up for the Moonwalk at the beginning of the year - that I realised this marathon isn't going to be a stroll in the park. More a powerwalk around the park.

But I needed to remind myself about something. I haven't failed to finish a moonwalk so far this year. 17 miles from Greenwich to Waltham Abbey. Over 10 miles along the canals of Birmingham (altered due to horrendous weather, but not failed). Around Battle and Brighton in freezing temperatures (armed with a few bottles of beer). And on a 13-mile pilgrimage from Whitby to Robin Hood's Bay.

In June, I'll walk 26 miles. Whatever happens, I'll finish 26 miles. If I fail, my year of moonwalks fail. But that won't happen. Of course, I may get mauled by the Beast of Dartmoor first; but fingers crossed that doesn't happen.

Let the training begin...

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