Sunday, 5 April 2009

I'm going to be honest - I'm after some money

I've probably mentioned this a few hundred times now but for some reason it's one of my most popular planned walks. Or at least it's the walk that provokes the demand "Make sure you post pictures" most often. On June 20th, I, alongside my two co-producing pals from 2008's dumbFUNDED experience, Miles 'the Beard' Taylor and Christophe 'slicker than an oil spill' Philipps, are walking around Edinburgh for a breast cancer charity.

So why all the attention? Because we're doing it in bras. Decorative bras.

The event, as you've probably guessed, is dominated by the fairer sex. Women are of course affected by this cancer far more than men. But - and this is a but so big it needs its own bra - men do suffer from breast cancer. The symptoms and treatment are similar for both sexes. It's checking for those lumps and bumps and diagnosing early that keeps survival rates climbing.

So why am I doing this?

When planning my book, I tried to find a variety of activities that take place under full moon. By Googling "moonwalk", I found what seemed like the perfect June encounter: me and over ten thousand women walking through Edinburgh's streets, under full moon, for a good cause.

I soon discovered a small problem. June 20th 2009 isn't a full moon. But 26 miles powerwalking around a Scottish city is. The Full Moon. The MoonWalk, Edinburgh. The full marathon, the whole trek, the thigh-numbing extravaganza is what Nina Barough - the event organiser with the most ironic story since Alanis Morissette picked up a spoon instead of a knife - calls the Full Moon.

A lesser/wiser man would've dropped out here. 26 miles when 17 miles in January nearly hospitalised me. But soon after deciding to go through with it, and strapping in my two pals, I spoke to a friend whose mum was recently diagnosed. This friend has since lost another relative to the same disease. And then I discovered my mum has several friends with the disease. As do they. And their friends. Although the prognosis is getting better, breast cancer is still a ferocious killer. The stastistics are here.

So please, if you can spare a few pennies, sponsor me through this link. Justgiving is a safe and quick way to donate and it provides a widget that will live on the right-hand side of this blog until we reach my target of £1,000.

And please check the blog now and then for updates (and, yes, pictures); somewhere around working 9-6, writing a book and writing a blog, I plan to train. I guess I'm going to have to get another pair of trainers.

Thank you for reading and helping,
Rob SP

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