Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Now THIS is lunar planting!

You know when you're washing up and you find a hole in your Marigolds and you can't find another pair? Yeah? When the water's wrinkling your fingers and you can't see your spare Marigolds anywhere? Yeah? Well, try looking on the moon. Scientists with the European Space Agency (ESA) have shown how Marigolds can grow on the lunar surface.

Of course, that's a grotesque lie. Rubber gloves can't grow on the moon, silly. But, ESA say, the little yellow flowers may be able to. "With no need for plant food", would you believe?

It wouldn't be a natural process. Bernard Foing, a senior scientist with the European Space Research and Technology Centre (Estec), explains how scientists would need to take a water circulation system and produce artificial atmosphere.

It would be like a stickleback surviving on land - because it was in a bowl of water.

Understandably, one senior scientist has dismissed the plan as "science fiction". But then scientists did the same in 1865 when Jules Verne wrote his science fiction book From the Earth to the Moon. A century later and Neil and Buzz were bouncing around through moon dust.

All this marigold talk is, as you've probably guessed, to test the ground for human habitation. If we can grow marigolds, surely we can grow humans. I love scientists and their ludicrous experiements. The best bit is when they prove us all wrong.

Lunar planting at its very best.

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