Monday, 18 May 2009

Dartmoor Moonwalk Video! Part 1...

Right, here it is. A movie with yours truly in a starring role - filmed by yours truly. The other stars of "The Moon Man Cometh to the Moors - Part 1" are David, Melissa, Anton and Maia. Thanks to all for every bit of help.

Forgive the wind - it didn't realise somtimes when I was filming. Bless.


Sam C said...

Very good my friend. I look forward to the ext instalment.
Have you ever considered an alternative career path; television presenting? Just a thought.

Rob Self-Pierson said...

Thanks, Sambo!

The number of people who have suggested I pitch the book as a tv documentary! (5)

You know me: a man of many talents. Possibly my biggest talent is keeping my many talents hidden. But once they're unleashed, watch out Ben Fogle! And then Bear Grylls.

Just call me Bear Fogle.

Anonymous said...

Lovely 'slant' on the events in our Deep Dark Devon. You have such a way with words Robert Moonwalker
keep 'truckin' as we used to say... Blessings, Maia

Rob Self-Pierson said...

Thank you, lovely Maia. Will keep 'truckin' as long as I can x