Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Fly, my Carpy, fly!

In July, I'm going for a spot of moon-fishing with my brother to see whether coarse fishing under full moon yields more or fewer fish than on a new moon. This weekend saw May's new moon, and it just happened that my brother was going fishing at a local lake. So I joined him.

To make the following all the more remarkable, I must reveal my fishing credentials.


I'm a bad angler, in that I don't catch many fish. I don't catch any fish. In a lake swarming with our scaled friends, I can usually catch twigs, branches, leaves, my fingers and the occasional goose. But never fish. So when, on Sunday, my float shot under the surface and I whipped my rod through the air like a swordsman striking for survival, you can imagine my face when my brother pointed out there was a fish attached (to the hook, not to my face). A real one. A big one. A "clonker", as they say in the trade.

After a mammoth struggle in which Carpy (the carp) tried his best to tangle himself in all manner of sub-marine life, I won. A battle with man's fiercest opponent. Carpy the carp. Sadly I dropped Carpy on his head, and the only proof is a bad picture of him springing into flight.

The photo below shows me and Carpy II (Carpy II was far better behaved).

For July's full moon, I want to see if increased night-time energy (through light reflection off the moon) increases fish metabolism, as theorised by Professor Lieber, the Californian psychologist. He says, in his study of the full moon in The Lunar Effect, that increased metabolism should lead to increased peckishness and therefore more feeding (he seems alone in thinking this). I've set myself a challenge of catching more fish than my brother. The problem is he knows what he's doing, whereas I drop big fish on their faces.

On Sunday he beat me by a mere pound (picture below shows what happens when you hold a fish up to a camera - it looks much bigger!).

But then his fish did return to the lake without concussion, so in the animal-cruelty stakes he's probably ahead.

OK, I suppose I should show Carpy leaping for freedom. Please excuse the enormous grin but for some reason I must have felt the bigger my smile the better Carpy would feel on impact. He was groggy but he survived.

Bring on the rematch!


Sam said...

Those are some fine fish!

Rob Self-Pierson said...

Cheers, Sam! They certainly put up a fight!