Monday, 11 May 2009

The Moon Man Cometh to the Moors


Best yet.

Three moonwalks. Three moon-watches. Three moon-rises. And plenty of moon-driving around the rugged landscape of Dartmoor, Devonshire.

from Haytor, Dartmoor
8 May, 9:20pm
Notes: freezing, sublime, glowing

I met the nicest group of people. Everyone says that after a fun weekend - but this time I may have, honestly, met the nicest people ever. In the world. Not everyone is willing to drive a stranger around Dartmoor, or share their house and dinner with 'Moon Man' (aka 'Moonwalker'), or their beliefs, or take a visitor along for a spot of Letterboxing, or invite a new face to a secret moon spot...

Moon Glow
from Widecombe-in-the-Moor Church, Dartmoor
9 May, 11:24pm
Notes: quite freezing, clear, crisp, eerie

We saw strange sights, heard strange stories, drank tasty local ale. We laughed, we listened, we stopped and watched and thought. Three days passed in three seconds. A year and a half of planning and preparing has now ended.

Smugglers' Moon
(courtesy of Maia)
from Ness Cove Beach, Shaldon
11 May, 12.08am

Notes: remote, pathway, perfect

Thank you:

David, Mark, Maia, Richard, Melissa, Anton, Sarah, Chrissie, Terry, Sally, Matt, sheep, cows, horses, ponies, cuckoo, pixies, Devil, myths, the Beast, hairy hands, Kay and Paul at Blueberry House (great place to stay for a weekend trip to the moors!), Kay's mum, Grandma (whose son plays the drums), moors, tors, mires...and the other people and things I've missed out.

You made my weekend.

And, as promised, there's video footage to follow soon...

Name Me
from near the Pixie Cave


kay and Paul Blueberry said...

Fairy nearly perfect!! To put a name to your pixie photo....Good luck on your bra walk!!

Rob Self-Pierson said...

Thank you, guys. The competition begins! People have been suggesting "Name Me" suits - what do you think? I think they're being lazy! Haha...

If I survive the bra walk, I'll let you know. If I don't, I'll prepare notes beforehand.

Hope you liked the video. Can see what David and I got up to now on our night-time adventures!