Thursday, 14 May 2009

Mooning all over the world

Here is a picture of May's full moon in Basel, Switzerland, taken by the steady hand of my big brother.

As you will notice, it looks pretty similar. In fact, identical. That's because it is the moon - the Moon. Earth's moon. We only have one and this is it. 2,158 miles in diameter. Between 221,500 and 252,700 miles above our heads. Between -153C (moon night) cold and 106C (moon day) hot hot hot. Our moon - the one we really should pay more attention to because it's beautiful and powerful.

Dartmoor video update...

The video I filmed for my Dartmoor adventure last weekend is, as we speak, being edited for the blog. After the film guy (me) downloaded all the raw material, he passed it on to the editor (me), who's been cutting the footage. This will be passed to the producer (me) and finally to the after-effects team (me and my imaginary friends), where the script writer's (my) contribution will be recorded by a voiceover artist (three guesses) and then made ready for the web (you guessed it).

Some of the stories are great - from the Devil's Pubcrawl to the Hairy Hands to Squire Cabel and his dastardly antics with unsuspecting maidens.

Hope to have the video up over the weekend!

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