Monday, 8 June 2009

And he's back

How unexpected.

It always surprises me that so much can happen in such a poorly planned, last-minute trip. But such was Moonwalk No6, "The Search for Trefenty".

Here's the full-moon weekend in pictures. Sort of.

This is me. Somewhere, tucked around the corner behind me as the River Taf tapers away from Carmarthen Bay, is Trefenty - home of the demon dogs of hell that tried to damage my car. Worse: my car had a puncture so they were actually vandalising Dad's car. But I found Trefenty! Home of Sir William Lower. I'm guessing the demon dogs are a recent addition.

This is Dylan Thomas's writing shed in Laugharne, Carmarthenshire. Not a bad pad. I'd decided to watch moonrise here, unless I got a better offer...

This was Mr Thomas's view.

This sky at Laugharne convinced me there must be a better offer for moonrise. With a window in the cloud appearing to the east, I drove to the south coast and parked at Pendine, near Llanmiloe. Could I be lucky enough to see the moon show her face above the sea?

Yes. I think it was my favourite moon of the year. Probably because I didn't think I had a chance of seeing it. Gales, torrential downpours, floodings forecast. No accommodation. Trefenty seeming fictional. Then some wild dogs chased me. But this beautiful moon brought everything together.

I even wrote a poem that may appear in the book. I try not to write poetry - it's unfair on my reader. But sitting, waiting for moonrise in the chilly air of a never-ending beach, it seemed appropriate. I'm sure Mr Thomas would've written one. Under Milk Sky?

Thank yous
Oh - a couple of thank yous. Firstly, Steve and Pat at Manordaf B&B in sleepy St Clears, who put me up last minute after their long journey back from a wedding. Now that's service!

And if you ever have the pleasure of visiting Laugharne, you must eat here; it's a law they have. Actually, it may well be the only open eatery in town on a Sunday evening - but even with competition, I doubt you'd beat it for food, service and atmosphere...and angry, very-drunk Welshmen spilling wine on each other. "A lively cafe serving lip-smacking fresh produce," says Coast Magazine. Good description. Thanks to Jenny and friend for accommodating a damp moonwalker.

And best of luck to Glen on his cycles. Keep...cycling.

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