Wednesday, 24 June 2009

A blistering pace

Sunset on the longest day 2009 - Firth of Forth

In a year of spur-of-the-moment decisions, signing up for the Edinburgh MoonWalk at the beginning of the year seemed nothing special. Why not sign up for a marathon that’s named after my book? I thought. So I did. Then I convinced two good friends and old writing buddies to join me – Christophe and Miles.

We had about six months to train. So I did. The MoonWalk’s only a walking marathon, I thought (I had to stop thinking out loud) – don’t need to train so intensively. So I didn’t. I rambled and strolled up and down rivers, under sun and moon, in rain and heat. I burned, I drowned. I enjoyed, got bored, tired. I went through a whole range of emotions, from a to b.

Two weeks before the race (“Don’t worry, it’s not a race,” as someone said to a friend on the night), Christophe had to drop out for personal reasons. Just me and Miles then. By last Friday, I’d learned the extent of Miles’s training.

He jogged once. Quite a few miles. But once.

So what did we do to prepare for this marathon? For 26.2 miles of circling grand Edinburgh? We stayed in a hostel and went on a pub crawl until the early hours of Saturday morning. Not wise. Not wise when at midnight on Saturday, your body is expected to cover a huge distance over many hours. Turns out stomachs don’t like walking through the night.

Stomachs, thighs, groin, calves, lower back, upper back, middle back, shoulders, toes, tops of feet. Body. None of it's really keen on that level of nightwalking.

Here is a pictorial account of the weekend.

How not to prepare for a marathon weekend. But how to succeed through perseverance, dedication, and breaking through the pain barrier.




recoveryWell done to everyone involved! Excellent achievement and a good few million added to the cancer research kitty. It was a great MoonWalk.

And a huge THANK YOU to everyone who sponsored and supported me and voted for me and helped me win this award. I'd like to thank...all of you.

Until the next one.


Sam said...

MOON BOOBS! He he! Seriously now, congrats again. What time did you finish it in?

Rob Self-Pierson said...

Ah yes, forgot to put that. 8 hours exactly. 12.15am to 8.15am!

Sam said...

Good work. I must also add that you actually look rather fresh in those pics of you at the end!