Monday, 1 June 2009

Moon Man on TWITTER

I used to hate blogging. Now I'm addicted. I hated the idea of Twitter. Now I've signed up for an account. A friend tells me I'll be Blipping soon - I laugh at her, haha! And will, of course, be blipping soon. Music to watch the moon by.

Sometimes, when I'm hunting for Roman legions on lonely haunted tors, or looking for the right towpath to get me out of the Winter Storm, or trying to avoid getting stabbed in north London, I wish I could tell a friend. Now I can go a step further. I can tell all my lovely blog readers.

Wow, this is 21st century reality craziness at its best! I get murdered under full moon and while I'm gasping for my last breath, I send a quick Tweet to Twitter and it appears on my blog, so a million people who don't really know me can sigh and say, "That's a shame - quite enjoyed reading his blog".

This weekend's full-moon walk looks like it's going to take me to Wales. Not sure how - or where, or when. Why? Because there's a man who intrigues me and a story that's led me West. I'm going to update my blog with Tweets, providing I'm not lost on the Brecon Beacons. Ah, I might anyway.

Where's Moon Man?

Wales. Somewhere in Wales.


Anonymous said...

WaxingMoonMan - that can be very painful for men of a delicate nature. Happy Twittering then. Blessings Maia x

Rob Self-Pierson said...

Hi Maia - makes me very happy to know you're reading the blog.

I had to get waxing in there somewhere. Hope you get to follow the Twitter thing. Will try to update it during my next walk x

Sam said...

You've finally joined the twitter world, oh dear. You've become a twit.

Rob Self-Pierson said...

And proud of it!