Thursday, 18 June 2009

Moon Man's Moon Friends

Final thought before I depart for MoonWalk number 1 (but moonwalk number 7). Funny how many people have wanted to get involved with my year of full-moon walks.

In January, as I made my way north from the Royal Observatory to Waltham Abbey (wow, seems a long time ago), my brother and his girlfriend volunteered to join me. February I walked the canals of Birmingham alone - but for the company of the Winter Storm (which, as we all remember, nearly destroyed the world).

The Daily Paper, Feb 2009


In March I stayed with Christophe, an old writing colleague, when I ventured to East Sussex in a hunt for violence. April and I took old school friend Sam to the North York Moors and beautiful Whitby for a Dracula tour and spooky stumble around Whitby Abbey's grounds. Then, just last month, Matty - best friend - came down to see me in Dartmoor, and joined the Devil's Pub Crawl for a night.

In June I crossed the border into Wales and spent a wonderfully lonely night on the beach near Pendine, Cartmarthen.

Tomorrow, Miles - another writer - is coming to Edinburgh with me to experience lingerie-living for a night. When he heard he'd get the opportunity to relive her cross-dressing ways, she couldn't resist. No, he's a good lad and his company (and support) will be much needed on our 26-miler. 26 miles, hopefully 26 with Miles. You go, girl!

July's full moon is a brotherly fishing thing.

August's is a Cornish treat with lots of lovely ladies and a part of the world (so nearly destroyed by that dastardly Winter Storm) that I love.

September is a literary feast in the Lake District and I may have a couple of volunteers already.

And the rest of the year - from July onwards really - relies on my body surviving Saturday's "Full Moon" in Scotland. It's funny, this walk falls on the new moon (or very small crescent). They couldn't have planned it any worse. Except that it's on the longest day of the year. Couldn't have planned it better.

Wish me luck!

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