Friday, 10 July 2009

July full moon from Albany, New York!

I'm very excited.

This is an important post for two reasons. Firstly, it's my 100th Moonwalking post since December 2008, when this crazy adventure began. And secondly - as a celebration of my ton (and no, it's not a telegram from the Queen, though I am expecting a letter from Prince Charles any day now) - I'm honoured to feature a little piece of film from a man from America.

Through Twitter, I've met a chap from Albany, New York, called Louis Suarato. He's an amateur astronomer and pretty handy with a camera, as you're about to see. "I'm someone who is always looking up, to the point of missing things on the ground, such as oncoming traffic," he wrote to me a couple of days ago. (I haven't heard since.)

We chatted about moonrise and our different experiences of this spectacular sight and Louis revealed he'd made a short film of moonrise in front of the Taconic Mountains, a range of the Appalachians along New York's border with Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut. It was of July's full moon. I couldn't resist. I had to see it.

And very kindly, Louis emailed it over to me.

"American Indians named the July moon the 'Full Buck Moon' and the 'Thunder Moon'. That moon, coincidentally, was followed by thunder storm."

The internet has some problems - we all know that. But I feel social media is one of its high points, a saving grace. Through Twitter, email and blogging, I've connected with a very friendly man who's allowed me to show a lovely video he made of the soft, autumnal-looking full moon climbing through the clouds above a mountainous backdrop.

Thank you, Louis.

NB To find Louis - his excellent photos, great historical facts and entertaining musings - he goes by the name @LouisS on Twitter. The man is well worth a follow.

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