Thursday, 30 July 2009

Letter from Prince Charles

Exactly a month ago, I wrote to Prince Charles.

Dear Prince Charles,

Re Lunar Planting and Biodynamic Farming

You are a prince. You are next in line to the Throne. You are an advocate of the environment, organic produce, biodynamic farming and leaving the slightest carbon footprint possible in our lifetimes. Me? I’m a moonwalker.


I waited for a reply. Not really expecting one but hoping. Hoping for anything. Anything would do. Just to know that the letter had passed through Clarence House and come out the other side would be enough.

Then yesterday - after I'd given up hope of hearing from my main man Chazbo - a quality, textured envelope dropped through my letterbox. With a thud. I saw the post mark and reacted like Scrooge after his third visitation - throwing open the door and leaping towards the retreating postman.

But I didn't have anything to say but, "Thanks".

"From the Queen, eh? I'm still waiting for mine, the knighthood," said John.

I peeled back the envelope, unsticking the Prince's saliva, and bent back the folds, careful not to remove his fingerprints. I flattened my letter - our secret correspondence - on the dining table and read. I read the following.

Signed Mrs Claudia Holloway.

I probably shouldn't publish the whole thing. After all, it does say - in bold, scary black - at the top of the letter "Private and Confidential". But here's the gist. HRH The Prince of Wales likes my idea but is a bit busy to tell me how much.

I hope he reads the blog.

Thank you to Mrs Holloway and Clarence House. And to HRH The Prince of Wales. If you fancy coming on a moonwalk, please send me a quick email.


Sam said...

You and Prince Charles on a moonwalk would be the most awesome thing ever!

Rob Self-Pierson said...

I can't imagine it will be too long before he's on the phone. Though I'm not sure if I'm happy for Camilla to join us. I'll have to think about that.