Sunday, 12 July 2009

London Literature Festival - with Moon Man

The Memory Band at Southbank Centre

Last night I visited the South Bank in London for the London Literature Festival 2009. In the early evening, the writers who contributed to the nature book Caught By The River - a combination of wonderful musings about land, sea, rivers, sky, fishing, daydreaming, birdspotting and so on - were due to read from their collection of articles on all things outdoorsy and green.

After the polite hubbub quietened to a polite anticipation, the writers appeared, spoke and entertained one by one.

After the show I chatted to Robin and Jeff, who run the CBTR blog and edited the book together. We discussed the joys of rural living and CBTR's journey from blog for friends and fishing community to published hardback. And then talk turned to Moonwalking.

Lots of people love lots of things about the moon. This is my big discovery of 2009. To pitch Moonwalking, all I need to say is, "I'm writing a book about the full moon". From then I'm just nodding, smiling, enjoying. Like this:

Me: ...full moon.
Them: Wow.
Me: (smiling, paternal) Thank you.
Them: you go out once a month-
Me: (nodding) Yep-
Them: And moonlight-
Me: (nodding) Around Britain-
Them: Ha (grinning) - that's great, really nice. What a lovely subject.
Me: (embarrassed, paternal) Thank you.
Them: go and see what's happening under full moon-
Me: Yep. I've been all around the country. In winter storms. In a bra. And across tors and moors and freezing by a lake and climbing up to hill forts to find Romans-
Them: Ha-
Me: (a little confused but enjoying) Thank you.

It's a privilege to be writing about -and living with - such a universal subject.

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