Monday, 27 July 2009

Making moon connections

Bit of a varied post here. Lots to say - well, a little to say on lots of little things. Let's have a go.


Throughout this year, I've met some amazing people. That sounds gooey - and I guess it is a little bit; but it's true. I haven't met one person so far who's disliked my idea to scour the country for moon-living folk with moon beliefs, moon stories, moon fetishes, moon emotions and the like.

Moonwalking has allowed me to meet lovely people and chat as an honorary moon buff. Take Saturday night, where I chatted to a couple of very nice young ladies in a bar about the project. We shared moon stories - of course, being a moonwalker I had more. They were fascinated: slightly wary me thinks but fascinated. (And like a typical young man out on a stag do in a swanky bar, I ended the conversation by handing over a business card and guiding them towards this blog.)

Some good friends I've made will remain good friends. Take David Phillips (video here) and pals from Torbay. Today David emailed me this,

The August full moon trip is nearly upon you, and I recall you were heading down to Cornwall again, with possibly a stop off in our area. Is that still your intention? If so let us know what day and time you might be here and I will arrange a welcoming committee if you wish!

Hope to see you again soon!

And this,

Near full moon over Westonzoyland

Thank you, David.

And then there's Maia - one of the nicest people I've ever met. Anyone who makes me shepherd's pie and rhubarb crumble then introduces me to the beauty of moonrise over the sea is all right in my book (this book).

Maia emailed me a link today to Yew Tree Magic, where there's a great collection of moon sketches and moon songs from Martin and Belinda Walker (nice little site if you get a chance to hop around). And where do the Walkers live? North Cornwall. Where I'm going in just over a week for some moonwalking. Moonwalking with the Walkers? I wonder.

Thank you, Maia.


This month I've visited Taverham in Norfolk, Dorchester in Dorset and the South Bank in London. Next month it's Cornwall for lunar planting and Chichester to see Thomas Harriott's original moon sketches. I thought last night how this adventure has allowed me this luxury - given me the push, the motivation, the desire.

I advise anyone to travel Britain when they get the chance. There are some real treats out there.


A messy break up kicked off Moonwalking. And it's nearly a year since that happened (how does one celebrate?). I didn't really make the connection of the feminine with the moon before starting this year. But as I've wandered through 2009, the lady moon has always been up there looking down on her Endymion. There's been no love since the last one, but there have been special people who have passed through my life.

Guess there's a few months left eh.

The News.

The last few weeks have brought the moon to the public for the first time in 40 years. The moon landing. The total solar eclipse. Thomas Harriott, William Lower and Galileo. NASA and the LRO. Rick Stroud's The Book of the Moon. Buzz Aldrin and Magnificent Desolation. And of course, indirectly, Michael Jackson (the other moonwalker). Although I've played a minor role in all this, it's nice to be a part of it. It meant I got published here.


Moonwalking is yet to secure a publisher. It has thousands of readers and many pre-orders, but no-one to print its pages. This means I've been working on ways to publish myself. And I may have come up with an idea. It involves a very busy 2010, a fair bit of confidence, a dive into some new technology - but no book. Well, sort of.

Keep checking the blog for updates on the future of Moonwalking.

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