Sunday, 19 July 2009

Mr John Harris - a lunar gardener

This evening I spoke to Mr John Harris on the phone. Mr Harris is a lunar gardener - that means he uses the phases of the moon to sow, prune and harvest, among other gardening pursuits. He is the head gardener for Tresillian House Gardens. He also plays Father Christmas in Newquay, Cornwall, near to where he lives.

I spent half an hour chatting with Mr Harris. The time disappeared in stories of decades of lunar research, six years of writing his first book, tales of Incas, North American Indians, Aborigines, sap, pruning, fruit juices, and wisdom. Like this, when I explained the scope of my project and my hope that a publisher would soon snap the book up:

You'll never succeed unless you put all your time and effort into what you do.

I hope - I really hope - to be able to visit Mr Harris at Tresillian some time during the next full moon in August. This will be in Britain's harvest period so it would be a great experience to perhaps help Tresillian harvest some of its summer crops.

If not I think I might pick some apples by moonlight.

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