Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Taverham Mills - one bite of note

Does the moon's phase affect angling?

Ok, so this wasn’t the most scientific of studies. To prove or disprove whether the full moon has a positive or negative influence on fishing bites, strikes and catches, I’d have to fish many many times with all conditions exactly the same but for the moon phase. Not going to happen. But I have returned from Taverham Mills, Norfolk, with a personal moon fishing result. And theory.

Clearly the full moon has a hugely adverse effect on night fishing for carp.

(it's certainly not that I'm a rubbish fisherman)

Not one bite.

Well, that’s a lie. Not one bite from a fish. But I do have a many swollen red patches across my body where the midges and mossies found the entrance to our bivvy. Along with the beetle who tried to nest in my ear. And the spindly spiders.

This was my July moonwalk – more a moon-fish than walk, though at midnight I did stroll around the beautiful grounds of the lake and take in the ivory splendour of the incredibly-bright full moon.

Lily Moon

Although we didn’t catch a fish in 15 hours, the experience – including some brotherly bonding – provided another amazing set of stories. Whether we blanked because the glowing orb overhead was startling the fish or whether we just used the wrong bait in the wrong swim on the wrong day, who can tell?

Near Silver Birches

Yes, by daylight at new moon I caught three ‘clonkers’ (I’ve picked up the lingo); but does that tell us fishing by new moon produces a better yield or that perhaps that day we were luckier, or the fish were a little more stupid? (Not Carpy – he was a canny fellow.)

Thunderstorms then perfect blue skies. A man with bookend teeth and a penchant for night fishing without a rod. A close, and very nearly wet, encounter with a rogue rabbit. The fifth beetle. Rumours of 35lb monsters. Moonrise. And a race against the elements.

Stories that must wait for the book.

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