Sunday, 5 July 2009

Theatre under the stars - and moon

Quick pit stop.

I'm back home for a good night's sleep after a trip to Dorset to hunt for some lunar planters. Sadly I didn't speak to Denise and Ian Bell, farmers at Foxholes Farm in Littlebredy, but I've heard from Denise and hopefully can pay another visit soon. When I've given more than a night's warning about my plans.

But the Dorset trip provided another treat. And this has been happening a lot - my travels giving me the opportunity to visit old friends in new places, or take friends with me on moon adventures. Turns out the moon's a great conversation piece, regulator, organiser and reuniter.

Two good friends from Falmouth (where this whole crazy notion of writing a book about the full moon was conceived), Jason and Kate, invited me to see them in theatre. Not just theatre - open-air, Cornish, bruising theatre: the sort where men dress as women, women dress as boys, and actors bash into each other and turn purple for their art.

Jason Squibb showing the size of carp he thinks I'll catch Monday night

I set off Saturday, in hope that night I'd see the almost-full moon rise behind the set of Miracle Theatre's grand adaptation of Moliere's Tartuffe. And, on cue, just as the final scenes drew to a close and the dastardly Tartuffe got his comeuppance, the crisp ellipse of a 95% waxing gibbous rose behind the trees.

Full moon over Maumbury Rings

The play was great (touring until end of August) . The setting - the Roman Amphitheatre at Maumbury Rings - perfect. And the clear, starry night with glowing orb I've become very attached to topped the evening off. Icing on the astronomical cake.

But as I say, this is merely a pit stop.

Tomorrow I head to Taverham Mills with my brother for a spot of fishing under the stars. And hopefully the full moon. But quite possibly some rain. Some say we'll catch nothing; others tell us we'll catch the biggest 'lurking' carp in the lake.

Bivvie - check
Rods - check
Bite alarms - check
Reading - check
Knowledge of fishing - void

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