Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Moonwalking - almost interviewing myself

My last couple of months of Moonwalking (the whole book experience; as opposed to 'moonwalking', walking by full moon) have led me to fascinating places and lovely people. While the places charge me with material for the book, the people help filter my experiences and research into this blog. And recently I've been asked a few questions at talks, on walks, in pubs, on the phone, over email, in toilets that I promised to answer here. So, finally, here goes.

Why moonwalking? Why not sun walking?

Ahhh, the most common question. And the one with most answers. Moonwalking is nightwalking with the joy of the full moon to accompany me.

The full moon is the theme because it means so much to so many people - and provided me with experiences to help get me over a bit of heartbreak this time last year. I enjoy nightwalking - a fresh-air stroll under starry skies can open one's eyes to another world (not deadly, bloody, scary, violent but often serene, freeing and packed with happenings).

Sun walking has been done. It's called "walking". I wanted to experience lunar living and write a travel narrative that deviates from the traditional meeting-lots-of-people-in-museums. Daylight is predictable. By night things happen. Odd things.

What do you do the rest of the month?

Work in a full-time writing job. And read, research, plan, book B&Bs and hostels, write articles, meet and speak to other writers, stare. Think. I like to read up on my next theme as thoroughly as my time allows (which often isn't enough). And sometimes I try to sleep.

What's your best experience of the year so far?

Oooh, difficult. So many great ones. For seeing the moon, it has to be viewing my first ruddy moonrise from Pendine, South Wales - never thought the moon could look so fiery and big and fierce yet enticing. For people, perhaps David and the TIP team, or John Harris and his stunning Tresillian lunar garden, or Ben the slightly creepy Highlander with his mythical water horses. Or Colin the pen enthusiast in Birmingham. Or Debbie the glamorous witch. Or Maia.

Too many to choose from.

How much of the book is written?

Um *coughs* the first chapter. Well, intro. Second draft.

Do you have a publisher?


Are you ever going to write this thing?

Yes. I've just given up my job to do so.

Are you a lunatic?


What are you doing for this year's blue moon at New Year?

You'll have to wait and see.

Thanks to everyone who asks questions and comments on the blog and emails me. Please do continue. As I approach 3,000 readers, it's heartwarming to learn that so many people are as intrigued by the subject as I am. May the tales continue.

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