Sunday, 13 September 2009

Another moonwalker

In 1969, Neil and Buzz moonwalked. Throughout the 80s and 90s, Michael Jackson moonwalked. Each year, thousands of men and women in bras moonwalk around London and Edinburgh. Once a month, I moonwalk. But who would've guessed they'd find a bird that moonwalks.

Moonwalking to me is a chance to experience walking with every sense: to smell and hear and see and touch where usually I'd only glance. It's a chance to meet people I'd never usually meet, go places I'd never think to visit. Moonwalking has provided a year of adventures by moonlight and moon-cloud. It's helped me recover from heartbreak, given me a new hobby, a new fascination with nature. Walking by the light of the full moon has opened another world and allowed me to discover Britain when the rest of the country is in bed asleep.

But to the club-winged manakin, moonwalking is a crude tribute to the King of Pop.

(watch from 2:30 for the moonwalk)

The video is ok. It's a bird hopping around a branch and a lady looking a bit silly. But the comments -- oh, the comments. This is what people watching the moonwalking bird thought:


that bird has to [be] michael jacksons cousin or something. that bird is really cool id like to have one like that

bird with talent ....girl with none

That's more of a hammer time break down than the moonwalk

God gave us the moonwalk! Once again, God defies gravity and gives man the power to walk on the earth as if he is walking on the moon. Science can't explain the moonwalk.

And my favourite:

Shut the **** ** You green ***wife , at least he's informing people about the bird , and that definitely makes more sense than talking **** like You do , imbecile!

Emotions certainly do run high when we start to discuss moonwalking and birds.


~Cheryl said...

So happy you discovered my Thunder Moon! Thanks for taking the time to comment. This moonwalking bird is amazing! I find your moonlight strolls and book writing fascinating.

Sam said...

He he he! Look at the little bird go!! Excellent find mate. I do love peoples comments on youtube, people get so abusive sometimes on there for no good reason. Most of them can't spell either!

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Rob Self-Pierson said...

Cheryl - thank you for the kind words. Hope you keep following!

Sam - YouTube is a treasure trove of weird, obscure videos and weird, obscure people.

Hapi - thanks for visiting, I guess. Have a nice day too.

Maia said...

Heh I loved all the stars in this vid - bird and bird. That is one great dance though.