Thursday, 10 September 2009

Beavers found on the moon!

Last night, British mind-twister, Darren-wannabe Derren Brown predicted the National Lottery numbers live on television on a competing channel to BBC1. I watched it. And he definitely turned around five predictions that matched perfectly with those just sucked from the Lotto spin cycle on the other side. Perhaps Derren is from the other side too. Or perhaps the whole thing was a cheat. A trick. A hoax.

Like when The New York Sun reported John Herschel's magnificent findings from his 19th-century moon gazing.

Day 3 begins benignly enough. The group of astronomers turn their "telescope of vast dimensions" to the western limb of the moon. After a couple of extinct volcanoes, some hills and mountains, and a view of Mare Mortuum, the "Lake of Death", Herschel comes to Endymion, an area of-- Well, you'll see. 

Right. Let's do this.

Let me introduce - I can't believe I'm doing this - the biped beaver:

If the grey pelicans and white cranes hadn't lost The Sun credibility, the upward-walking, hut-dwelling, child-cradling, fire-producing biped beavers quite possibly did. If the upward-walking, hut-dwelling, child-cradling, fire-producing biped beavers didn't, perhaps the man-bats did. Yep, man-bats: a bit like a man, a bit like a bat. You may have seen some on the short video above. Some are breasted - I like to call these breasted man-bats, or lady man-bats if you will.

The whole hoax is, as it should be, preposterous. From my travels I've met a lot of people with a lot of interesting views on the moon. But I'm yet to meet a person who believes in a fiery race of biped beavers. Or breasted man-bats.

Still, four walks to go.

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Sam said...

I love that you made this video to go with the blog. It's crazy to think that people actually believed that these things existed on the moon!