Wednesday, 23 September 2009

In the beginning...

One Giant Leap of Faith

photo by Maia

Why on Earth would somebody want to leave the comfort of their home one night every month and journey around 13 seemingly unrelated parts of Great Britain?

In 1969, three pioneering astronauts rocketed over 200,000 miles to the moon. Why? Because they could. Oh and because of the human desire to push limits, search, uncover, discover and do things that nobody has ever done before.

It’s now 2009 and, 40 years after man’s first Moonwalk, I’m going in search of the mysterious world of Britain under full moon: to push my own limits and mend a broken heart, search for fascinating people, uncover secret groups, discover lunar living and do things that most people are just too sane to do. I’m going moonwalking. I’m throwing off the shackles of light; laughing in the face of the sun. I’m all set to undertake the biggest journey of my life – armed with a value torch, a pair of cheap, rotting trainers and a couple of cereal bars.

And where does it all start? With a very odd – and my first ever – email from and a tarot reading with a sexy witch to predict my year ahead. And the resurfacing of a 15-year-old fear that almost stopped my travels before they began.

Welcome to my year of moonwalks around Britain.

I said I’d love to and headed home, unaware of the quests that lay ahead. All I knew was this time I’d do it properly – travel with heart and mind and look out for rogue sticks. I’d do the research, bamboozle myself with astronomy and cosmology. I’d hurl myself into an adventure around Britain, month by month, in search of the veiled worlds of moonwalkers, moonplanters and lunatics, paganism, astrology, literature and folklore, Greek myth and anything else that sounded like it could lead somewhere mysterious. I’d attempt to speak to the Sir Patrick Moores, the Dr Allan Chapmans, the Brian Mays. Like Jason after the Golden Fleece, I’d embark on my travels through England in trainers, Wales in a rain coat and Scotland in a bra with naivety, hope and with luck a few gods on my side.

Moonwalking, Discovering Britain by Full Moon

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