Wednesday, 2 September 2009


I've gone freelance in my professional life to write a book. Office work awarded me no time. I need time to research. To travel. To write. To speak. To listen. I need time to track my months. A lunar month is a moon-cycle's length. Moon, month. 29.5 days. Synodic month - new moon to new moon. No more time than that - no less.

The full moon regulates my time - orders my life. So, yes, I gave up full-time, secure work to reach. To spend my time, the only time I have, making better use of my time.

Yet today I ran out of time.

I planned my October full moon adventure today. That means after this weekend, my Lake District literary lunar foray, September will disappear. A month will pass in a flash. In a moon cycle. 

Last week I pitched my August full moon expoits to a magazine.

Earlier, I discussed December's blue moon with family.

Next week sees the restart of writing the book. Chapter one. London. First moonwalk - nine months ago.

In our time-obsessed world, it's difficult to experience timelessness. The sun and moon would regulate our ancestors - transits highlighting the habits of others. For hunting, meeting, eating. Not regulating in a demanding way - in an unobtrusive, distant way. So from tomorrow I'm going to try my best to avoid time. I know sunrise and sunset and moonrise and full moon. And in my four days walking across the Lake District, I'm going to squeeze in as much as I can.

Providing I don't run out of breath.

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