Tuesday, 1 September 2009

What my readers want...

Another month, another moon. And another poll result. Exciting times.

The question was,

My moonwalks finish on 31 Dec 2009. Then the book begins. What would you like to see on this blog in 2010.

The results,

16% would like to read about my new book ideas
47% are after my 2010 travels
37% would like to read Moonwalking online (free, no strings), and
nobody wants an archive of moon facts


The results surprise me. I expected the offer of Moonwalking, Discovering Britain by Full Moon online (and free) to attract the votes. Not because I'm over-confident but because of the number of people this year who have asked the following: Can I have a signed copy of the book then?

I'd planned to cut out the middle man/lady; reduce the mileage between me and you. I write the words, you read them. I'd started to plan it - the great serialisation. Like a Hound of the Baskervilles or a Dickens' weekly unveiling of plot. But no. The reader has spoken and it's next year's travels that the majority wants to enjoy.

Well, actually, it's not that simple. A couple of recent emails and chats revealed more.

Reading habits change. Today, I struggle to read more than a couple of lines of text - as entertaining as those lines may be - without clicking to something else. And here lies a possible reason for my readers not wanting a serialised, online version of the book. Because they can click away. And because they'd prefer a book version of the book - something to hold, flick through, bend pages, gnaw on, or whatever people do with books these days. Perhaps I was hasty to think a travel narrative fits with online reading.

So, readers, you will have your wish. Somehow - with some nifty redesigns and rejigging - this blog will become a travel diary. It may need to migrate to a more suitable address, but it will contain my 2010 travels and beyond. And Moonwalking?

I don't need a publisher. It would be great. I could write the book and let someone else orchestrate the marketing. But then I do work in marketing. Thus, I could knock out the middle man/lady. Self-publish through one of the highly-praised self-publishing websites around. And offer as many copies to as many readers as we need. From me to you.

The next book ideas will have to wait. For now it's write this one and plan the blog for next year's little trips.

Even though I think I have a cracker of a follow-up.

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