Friday, 2 October 2009

Away with the fairies

This weekend I’m going to Glastonbury to spend the Harvest full moon with the pagan community. For those who don’t know Glastonbury, like me, it’s in the heart of the British countryside and contains wonderfully eccentric people who enjoy nature.

This trip is a replacement trip. I’d planned to enjoy my October full moon with a cosy coven of which Debbie, the glamorous white witch of Waltham Abbey, is part. Sadly, the coven don’t like that idea. No spectators. But once Debbie had planted the esbat seed in my mind, I yearned to spend the full moon of the Halloween month with people who worship the Goddess.

So I’m going here. A couple of hours getting close to my inner Goddess sounds like a challenge well worth embracing.

It all appears serene and earthly and little more than a pleasant coming together of like-minded, open-minded people. I guess I’ll soon find out. After nearly losing my life in the Lake District, it’s probably what I need.

Booking accommodation hasn’t been easy. Especially with the help of the least useful tourist information office I’ve come across in years. For an organisation with “information” in its name, it doesn’t know a lot.

“Aren't any single rooms available this weekend. Someone tried earlier. Though that’s not saying there aren’t any single rooms available—”

Sort of is, isn’t it?

“If you call them, you may find some available.”

I called about ten B&Bs. All full. So last chance, I phoned Little Orchard.

“I’m 99 per cent sure I’ve got som'ink. But I’m out shoppin' at the moment.”

Turns out tomorrow night is the Faery Ball. Sorry, what? It’s a gathering of faery folk in Glastonbury Town Hall. Other than that, I’m not too sure. So when you’re not sure about something, you attend – that’s what I’ve learned this year. I won’t go to the night-time activity but I can’t turn down free daytime admission.

Then in the evening it’s off to the Goddess Temple for fun under full moon. Oh and I must pay a visit to Chalice Well and take a moonlit wander up the famous Tor.

Busy couple of days ahead.

(I think I booked a room at Little Orchard; it all got a bit confusing.)

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