Saturday, 31 October 2009

My agent

I think it's probably the right time to spread the news. I have an agent. Yay! Now let me explain what I think that means.

I can retire.

Course not.

I now have a lovely lady called Susan, who works for MBA Literary Agents, working with me on my writing projects. For Moonwalking this means Susan can help me champion the idea to publishers. So rather than me writing grovelling letters to publishers on the off-chance they've got a bit of spare cash, Susan can lunch with publishers on the off-chance they've got a bit of spare cash. She earns a little pocket money if we secure a publishing deal; I gain a big smile. Then I retire.

Course not.

This is a great opportunity to see my work go further than my laptop. It's a platform. Perhaps even a springboard. Maybe a trampoline. A rocket! It's something, I know that. But I still need to put in the effort, make the calls, meet the people.

Susan contacted me through Gareth May, who I'm hoping to meet this weekend. He's a young lad who studied the same course as me. Gareth's first book, 150 Things Every Man Should Know, is released in the next couple of weeks. Which is all rather exciting for the chap. I saw Gareth's story at the end of last year (he was published in broadsheets), when Moonwalking was a mere whiff of an idea. I emailed him and six months later heard back: a lovely email offering great advice.

But before I could go any further, before I could act on the advice, Susan emailed me and said nice things. After an epic meeting in her London offices a couple of weeks ago, she offered me a contract. Last week I signed it. Once the Post Office stops striking, I hope she'll receive my confirmation and we'll live happily ever after. Then I can retire. Or push myself a little harder.

I think I know which will happen.

So, for all you wonderful people out there who read this blog and send me emails and follow me on Twitter and scream and faint when I walk past, you may soon be able to buy a little book about a young lad who experienced a bit of heartbreak and went in search of the mysteries of the moon. And learned some fascinating things.

Next step: publisher.


Sam said...

Congratulations on the agent developement my friend.

But did you really have to mention the screaming and fainting thing? I only did it the once...

Rob Self-Pierson said...

Thanks, Sambo.

It disturbed me so I had to mention it. Good to see you're still keeping ten feet away though...