Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Next - secret walking with ladies...

In a couple of weeks I'll become the first non-female walker in the female walking group of Falmouth. Rumour has it that they even refused a Buddhist monk. It's a pretty secretive group, as the monk refusal suggests.

Here's what I know so far...

We meet somewhere in a layby. At some time. We chat and greet and wait for the small group to assemble. Then we walk along a road somewhere. Then we cross a field somewhere and head to a beach. We sit in silence and contemplate the moon.

Soon, the 'Head Moon' lights a small fire and we reconvene. We share chocolate, stories, laughter. We listen to the waves scratching on the pebbles and stones. And then - when it gets unbearably cold and our digits begin to freeze and snap off like rotten branches - we head home to warmth, with a feeling of escape and adventure still fizzing through our thawing veins.

Once again, I'm returning to Cornwall and to the sea. This keeps happening. And I like it. If Cornwall were home, I'd say this book was taking me home. Perhaps it should be home.

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