Friday, 27 November 2009

Moon face

This week I've been putting together a book proposal for Moonwalking - to try and convince publishers that although I'm not a celebrity, I can write a book; and I may actually have a reasonably interesting story to tell...but writing this proposal in celebrity language. So I'm actually the BEST WRITER EVER but strangely nobody's ever heard of me before. BESTSELLER! MONEY! RICHES!

Anyway, I took a slightly different approach. Words and designs. Something eye-catching. Something to persuade marketing teams that Moonwalking is commercial (to me - interesting; to others - commercial). Apparently 'My mum wants a copy' isn't enough these days to secure a deal.

So I had a go at mocking up a front cover to include in the proposal. Just for fun. See what you think. Any comments welcome (except the really nasty ones that criticise my hair).


MissLilyMoon said...

I like it a lot, Rob. Nice visual, good colours. Any more response yet?

Rob Self-Pierson said...

Thanks, MLM, very kind. Yes, had quite a few nice emails. Maybe I should move into the design world ;)