Friday, 13 November 2009

Moon Man - In Print

In the next week or so, my first magazine feature will be out in shops. Probably not a shop near you as the feature was commissioned by the editor at Cornwall Today, a lovely lady called Kirstie. But it will be in shops. My writing, in shops. To be bought. I'm very excited.

You may have guessed, the feature focuses on moonwalking - that hobby some of us have where we walk around interesting places by the light of the full moon. And the article all came about through a cheeky Twitter message to @Cornwall_Today. It went something like - "Hi, I'm a moonwalker. Discovering Britain by full moon. Cornwall features. DM me if you'd like to chat". @Cornwall_Today replied, to my great surprise. Something like - "Yes. OK."

We exchanged emails and phone calls and I got the commission for a couple-of-pages feature in the December issue of what is a very fine, very well-produced, beautifully-designed monthly magazine about the best things in Cornwall. Because the subject has such enormous scope, I went a little over the word count. And not a word - as far as I could tell when I visited Kirstie last month - has been cut. Which very rarely happens in the cut-throat, cut-word world of magazine publishing.

Of course I can't reproduce the article here (because I'd get a HUGE slap). But I can certainly encourage you to read it if you live in or pass through the beautiful county of Cornwall. I've written about how tranquil a bit on moonlit strolling can be - especially with friends, especially near the sea. And I've encouraged those who plan to get dangerously drunk this New Year's Eve to look in the sky and go for a stroll before they lose control of their bladders, because they'll see a full moon dangling above them like a bauble. But not just any full moon. The International Year of Astronomy's 13th full moon.

Blue moon.

You know you want to...

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