Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Moon Man - On Air

Tonight, I had my first radio interview. I'd like to say it was my first ever media interview. But that would be a lie. (If you click here, you can see some early linguistic talent, like "I'd had friends who'd come over and done the exchange", from an interview I gave in 2005 about studying in California.) Tonight's momentous event focused on moonwalking - the hobby, the attraction and the travels.

OK, I must point out that the interview was for Source FM. What, you haven't heard of Source? It's Falmouth's local radio station. And lots of good friends and old tutors and editors and writers and folk present shows. It's known for its quirky, whimsical approach to radio. And how whimsical to talk about moonwalking after a piece on George Clooney and a pier.

Though it did get a bit heavy with talk of charity. And dogging.

How do you prepare for a radio interview? I spent the afternoon meeting a lovely moon poet called Penelope (Penny) who bought me tea in the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank. Though that meet nearly didn't happen when I hopped in the Hall's lift with the maintenance guy and tried to descend into the workings of the building. Thankfully, he stopped me before I got lost. And before I broke anything.

I got home a little before I was due on air (sorry, that's technical media talk for...on air) and researched, read up on moon facts, practised JFK's moon speech, cleared my airways. No, of course I didn't. We all know how useless I am at preparation. I worried about tripping over long words like "moon", or accidentally telling people about my bowels or something. Thankfully, that didn't happen. But I did suggest I'd killed a man by pushing him over a cliff by full moon ("because it's easier to see the edge by full moon" - Lord).

The presenter, Tina, spoke to me after the show and said I did "great". Which, to be completely honest, came as a big surprise. Because I also hinted that Pendennis Point in Falmouth is a good place to watch people in cars having sex. And I may have compared myself to George Clooney. God, thinking back, "great" is completely the wrong word.

Tina tells me she may be able to email me the interview. If she does, don't worry, I will burn it for you. Bring on my first TV appearance!


A Sky Full of Stars said...

Burn it?! Are you kidding? You must share it with us, and we won't take "No" for an answer - well, unless we have to. ;)

Rob Self-Pierson said...

We'll see. And hear. Maybe.

Sam C said...

You can't destroy it, you must share it with us (Or at least me, forget everybody else!)