Saturday, 7 November 2009

Moon Man

Today I'm writing my chapter breakdown for "Moonwalking". I know, revealing secrets here. Well, not really. To pitch a book to a publisher I need a breakdown of my adventures: one page as a substitute for a chapter. It's not easy. So much has happened this year; so many people, so many coincidences, so much out-of-the-ordinary adventure. And they want me to tell it in 14 pages.

One thing that jumps out during this process is the development of my story. I've started to realise just how life-changing moonwalking has been - how rewarding throwing myself into this nocturnal way of living has proved. I don't want to sound like a luvvie, darling, but a few quests, a bit of oomph, a big heap of fear and a healthy dose of new people and new pursuits has turned me from a boring corner-dwelling party attendee to a next-to-people-"you should meet this man, he's mad"-storyteller.

I've gone from Rob, that single bloke who keeps going on about his ex- and how he'd like to do something different with his life, to Moon Man. That weirdo.

And it's Moon Man I wanted to introduce here. It's he who I've found this year. From my first trip to the Royal Observatory, to last week's secret-beach sortie, Moon Man has become me (or I have become Moon Man). Which is a bit odd - in a warm, avuncular sort of way. "Ah, you must be Moon Man." "Ladies, this is Moon Man." "So we're in the presence of Moon Man, eh!"

"Ah, no, it's Rob actually-- I mean, yes, Moon Man...Moon Man Self-Pierson. My parents thought it'd be a laugh. Like Neville Neville."

So I've become Moon Man. Or, occasionally, Moonwalker. Though I think I prefer Moon Man as it means I don't have to try and walk backwards like MJ and grab my crotch and shriek. Sometimes I do that anyway. Usually when I retreat to the corner.

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Sam C said...

Now I'm the boring corner-dwelling party attendee. Well, that would be if I attended any parties!