Sunday, 29 November 2009

Seeing Britain in a different light...

With November creeping towards December, dark nights taking us towards winter solstice, and Moonwalking 2009 drawing to its natural conclusion, it's time to take a quick look at where in Britain I've moonwalked this year. And what I've hunted for.

Please welcome... Britain by full moon:

Time after time this year, plans changed. I thought I had my year set in January. But oh how I was wrong. People asked me on adventures I couldn't resist. Research threw up some quests that sounded too appealing. The moon opened new avenues of investigation. And, of course, people cancelled. Walking groups told me I was a journalist so couldn't join in. Covens said I was an outsider. Christian groups ignored me.

Equally, kindness has paved each and every one of my moonwalks this year. Yes, I've met crazy people who've asked me if I want to die and, if so, whether in Brighton or elsewhere. Men have threatened to feed me to mythical creatures. But I've found a charming side of humans that until this year I probably doubted existed at the end of the the first decade of the new millennium.

With two walks remaining, it's time to build moonwalking to a crescendo and promote this wonderful adventure to the world. And when I say "moonwalking", I don't mean me or my travels; I mean a nocturnal adventure by the light of the full moon. There's just a month remaining of the International Year of Astronomy. We'll have to wait another 100 years for the next lunar anniversary of this size. Exactly. Let's make the most of this one.

There's something exciting on the horizon.

I'll reveal more very soon.

Here's a clue... 31.12.09.

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