Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Who should present Moonwalking?

I think this speaks for itself...

OK, I'll add a little something. No, a big something. A big thank you to the 28 people who took the time to vote on this, my latest poll.  

If Moonwalking became a TV documentary, who should present my baby?

November's poll is officially Moonwalking's most popular. Ever. It makes the poll about favourite blog topics seem inconsequential. It dwarfs the importance of how many people you think will have visited the blog by the end of the year. And the one about everyone's favourite nocturnal animal, pah! Nearly 30 people voted - and voted in a way I really didn't expect.

Stephen Fry's popularity is finally waning. With just three votes, Stephen is your second choice to present Moonwalking, The Series. Stephen should be worried. This is pretty conclusive. Poor Stephen - feel a bit sorry for him now.

My favourite, Paul Merton, did even worse with just two votes. Think of the humour that man could bring to the show! And the weight fluctuations; like the moon herself, his size could wax and wane as the series develops. But no. Sorry, Paul. The world has spoken.

Derren Brown or Professor Brian Cox? Both fine presenters. Both articulate, interesting, engaging men. Not good enough for Moonwalking it would seem. Just one vote each. Dear oh dear, chaps. Shocking.

So who should present the show that doesn't exist?

Me. Little old me. Oh.

It's very kind of you to say so. And of course I'm joking about all those fine fellows above, who I'm sure would throw themselves into the lunacy of moonwalking with gusto. Can you really imagine me presenting a documentary series about moonwalking? Seeing me run for cover when a heron flies from the trees in the Lost Gardens of Heligan. See me knee deep in...something on the wild tors of Dartmoor. See me embracing a Moon Goddess and then getting a bit tongue-tied. I'd make a complete fool of myself! Oh, I see what you mean now.

It'd be nice, really nice. And the idea has been mentioned to me and of course I said I'd be happy to give anything a go (except bog-snorkelling and fighting a brown bear). But the celebrity presenter is far more likely.

But I'll send this on to the lady who mentioned the idea and explain that my friends have spoken. And that they'll boycott Moonwalking if they don't get to see me frightened by a heron. I'll let you know how it goes... 

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