Sunday, 20 December 2009

10% over North Carolina, USA

Many thanks to Tavi Greiner from these beautiful photos of the crescent moon over the Shallotte River Inlet, southeast coastal North Carolina.

The blue moon is a mere baby in these photos - just three days, ten hours and 43 minutes old!

Moon and Jupiter - Shallotte River Inlet, North Carolina (photo by Tavi Greiner)

10% Waxing Crescent (photo by Tavi Greiner)

The Road to the Blue Moon will move to tomorrow, with a fancy new gallery (if I can work out how to install it!)

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Sam C said...

The one and only good thing about being stuck in the traffic last night on they way to see you was that I had a fantastic view of the moon most of the way. The skies were really clear. Unfortunately my camera phone wasn't able to pick out the moon, so no photos from me.