Wednesday, 16 December 2009

bluemoonwalk 09 - Time to Get Involved!

A year ago, I chose to do something. Something that seemed a bit wacky but would a) take my mind off a certain relationship breakdown b) prove wrong the mean email from, and c) send me travelling around the country with a pen and paper and camera, like I’d always dreamed.

Innocent. Naïve. Not sure why the moon sometimes looked round and sometimes looked crescent. A bit scared of the dark.

Yep, I had all the credentials to travel around Great Britain by the light of the full moon in order to discover what our lunar friend means to us in 2009.

Well, I’ve survived. Twelve moonwalks. And you lovely people out there, across the internet, across the globe, have been with me every step of the way. Time to relax.

Oh wait. No. It’s not quite over yet. There’s one last moonwalk. And it just happens to be a blue moon. Falling on the last day of the year. It promises to be something special.

It’s time for you to get involved.

Please visit

Please see the photos, read the info, watch the video again. Please smile and shake your head and marvel that I survived the year. Please, after initially thinking No way am I stepping outside on New Year’s Eve, think again. Think Yes. Think Yes, that’d make a nice change. That’d stop me having to watch recordings of minor celebrities doing silly things until midnight. Think That’d make a better story when I go back to work and people say, "Do anything different this New Year’s Eve?"

"Actually, yes. I walked around Ugglebarnby by the light of the full moon to see if I could find any werewolves. It was the most beautiful, peaceful, overwhelming experience. You?"

"I watched Ainsley Harriott deep-fry an egg."

Be published at Donate your story and see it live on the website in the New Year

Email me your photos and I’ll publish them on the gallery (and credit you of course!)

On the night of the blue moon, you can get involved with live bluemoonwalks by adding #bluemoonwalk to your tweets. These will then appear on and if you search for #bluemoonwalk in trends! We may struggle to overtake other New Year trends like "I’m drunk" and "Next Year I will" but let's see what we can do.

This isn’t just about me. It’s mainly about the moon – but moonwalking has also gained some big support. Steve Owens from the International Year of Astronomy is behind the bluemoonwalk. As is Marek Kukula from the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. Plus, the wonderful new lunar venture has embraced the idea!

So please get involved. If you’re lucky enough to see the second full moon of December 2009, go outside and celebrate!

Today, as I post this entry, it's new moon - she's 0% lit.

So let the countdown begin…


Sam C said...

Well done mate. A nice smooth launch for the Bluemoon mission this NYE.
Congratulations on all you've managed to achieve this year my friend.

Rob Self-Pierson said...

Thanks, Sam. As always, you've been a star to my moon (whatever that means). Thank you for all the help with the music on the video.