Sunday, 27 December 2009

City of the Moon

As my final moonwalk of 2009 approaches, I'm locked away in my study planning for the big night. New Year's Eve. The bluemoonwalk. And where will moonwalk number 13 take me? Why, back to London of course. Where this adventure began all those months ago.

Charged with energy (and full moon juice) after my fantastic moonraking adventure in Wiltshire earlier this month, I began to research London's lunar links. I knew the Royal Observatory connection, because of my first trek from Greenwich to Waltham Abbey along the Meridian in January. I knew the Thames could be interesting - it being a moon-pulled, tidal river and gateway to England's capital.

But how was I to know London could harbour so many lunar treats? Honestly, it's quite unbelievable.

Without giving too much away, here's what I'm hunting for on New Year's Eve, for the blue moon of 2009.

The Temple of Diana, Roman moon goddess. The Temple of Isis, Egyptian moon goddess. The mass MJ moonwalk of 2009. The London MoonWalk. Moonrise from Canary Wharf. A lunar Millennium marker. A terrifying London landmark. And much, much more.

Many, many miles, all in one night. Among friends and strangers. I just hope the clouds part and Lady Luna smiles upon us all.

As Big Ben strikes midnight, and the country celebrates the arrival of a new decade, I'll be celebrating the end of a capital adventure, the end of an astronomically successful year. And the beginning of a year that has gigantic shoes to fill. I think I'm up for the challenge.

(Oh, and I'm now the proud owner of the moon. Well, an acre of it. I'll tell you more after my birthday...)

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