Thursday, 10 December 2009

Once in a...

I'm working on something.

Something big.

Something to ensure 2009 - the International Year of Astronomy - goes out with a bang.

Something for all of those lovely people around the world who've supported me this year, encouraged me, written to me, helped and offered help and sent me videos and pictures and stories and poems. Those people from Australia, New York, Seattle, India, France, Switzerland, Nigeria, Scotland, Bognor. An end-of-year treat to get people involved in the joy that is moonwalking.

Next Wednesday, at midday (GMT), you won't see our moon. She'll remain 0% full as she passes in front of the sun. New moon. The start of a countdown. The countdown to full moon.

The countdown to blue moon.

New Year's Eve 2009 is a blue moon. Blue moon by its modern definition is the second full moon in a calendar month. We get one every 2.7 years. Not very rare?

How about a blue moon on the last day of the year? The last day of an international celebration of the universe? The last day of the first decade of a new millennium? It's my final moonwalk in a year of discovering Britain by full moon. It's time to share. Time to encourage.

Time to see the world in a different light.

Next Wednesday I'll reveal more...

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