Friday, 18 December 2009

The Road to the Blue Moon (Thanks, Louis!)

Somebody has had a wonderful idea. His name is Louis Suarato. He lives across the pond on the east coast of America. And he’s a bit of a star when it comes to photographing the moon.

Louis – along with several other Stateside moonwalkers and moongazers I’ve e-bumped into (on Twitter, blogs, websites) this year – has come on board for the New Year's Eve moonwalking extravaganza: the bluemoonwalk. Mr Suarato, in a moment of inspiration, thinking far more clearly than I’ve thought for a while, suggested a pictorial build-up to the blue moon on 31.12.09

He then emailed me this:

Helderberg Mountains, New York (photo by Louis Suarato 17.12.09)

Shivering outside on the porch of the 13th storey of his office block, Louis captured this stunning 2%-lit waxing crescent moon heading for the Helderberg Mountains in Albany, New York, as it retired for the night.

Louis has set the challenge – photograph the moon as she grows towards full on the last day of the year (or early January if you’re very east on the globe – Australia, Japan and surrounds). The moon is up for grabs. Rather than firing rockets into her surface or leaving enormous footprints in her dust, let’s be nice and take some photos.

It’s easy. Look out for the moon, find your camera, take a picture, and email it to me at rsp[at] I’ll post the best entries on the blog and put a new slideshow on

Up for the challenge?

Thanks, Louis!

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