Wednesday, 30 December 2009

This Is It...

Oh wait, MJ used that one.

"Moonwalker's Final Walk"?

He probably used that too.

OK, so it now seems like I'm trying to cash in on poor Michael Jackson, whose face changed with the phases of the moon. But I'm not. Honestly, Moonwalking has never been about Michael. It will be a little bit about him tomorrow, when I search for the spot where thousands of MJ fans gathered for a mass moonwalk soon after his death. But other than that, this year has been about Luna. Our constant companion.

Tomorrow, my legs take me on my final Moonwalk of 2009. After tomorrow, I drop the capital 'M' and moonwalking returns to being a hobby. A fine, peaceful hobby. One that doesn't require batteries. One that doesn't break every few minutes. Though one that is sometimes hampered by clouds.

New Year's Eve promises to be one of those evenings - when we stand below the dark sky, which is clogged with heavy clouds, and we wonder how our lunar friend is feeling, so distant, so far removed from the celebrations on Earth.

But wait.

Something magical has happened over the last few days. The world, Earth, humans, people over 200,000 miles from the moon, everybody has noticed what's happening tomorrow night.

The blue moon is coming and thousands of us, around the globe, will be looking up.

The International Year of Astronomy is involved.
Askyfullofstars has embraced it.
In fact, over 688 newspapers and websites from around the world have picked up on it.

It's breaking news! It's breaking news that I broke a year ago today, but I'm so chuffed that Earth is involved.

I'm spending all day tomorrow Moonwalking. From Syon House, the site of Thomas Harriot's lunar sketches, to New Year fireworks above the Millennium Wheel (consider Arianhrod, the Celtic moon goddess, or "silver wheel"), I'm crossing London.

Yesterday, I learned how much of the City will be closed for celebrations. Which is a pain.

But surely it can't be as painful as walking 26 miles in a bra. Or climbing fells in pouring rain. Or crawling through sludge while smuggling brandy. Or being spat at by drunken Highlanders. (Have a read; it's all in this blog!)

The bluemoonwalk is coming. It's tomorrow. It's free. And you can do anything you like - walk anywhere you like (unless you're in London). To the beach, to the moors, to the mountains, to the lake.

This is the first blue moon on New Year's Eve for almost 20 years. It's rare. Very rare.

Time to get get involved.

See you on the other side!


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