Thursday, 14 January 2010

A new year. A new start. A final goodbye.

Today is the first new moon of 2010. You can’t see it: it’s a new moon. But I sensed it (after looking at my lunar calendar). The new moon signifies the restart of the lunar cycle. But this new moon, for me, signifies the end of Moonwalking 2009. Not the end of my relationship with the moon, oh no no no. But the end of this blog, and the diary of my year of lunar living.

As our American cousins might say, I had a blast.

The original purpose of taking a year to moonwalk around Britain was to throw myself into an adventure – in which I’d learn lots, meet loads of new and interesting people, and, I hoped, get over a slightly messy break-up. I also had this crazy idea that if I told enough people it would become a book, it might become a book. After all, I have spent the last 10 years of my life reading travel literature, loving Bill Bryson and Charlie Connelly, dissecting Geoff Dyer and Roger Deakin, studying language in south-west London, America and Cornwall. And generally falling for the idea of spending my one attempt at life travelling, learning and writing.

As yet, it’s not a book. But in October last year, the project attracted an agent. And even after three hours of chatting with this agent, I still couldn’t put her off me. So I gained that agent.

Anyway, you know all this. And if you don’t, it’s all documented in this blog, which I assume will sort of linger on the internet forever.

Last year became the most exciting, most demanding, most exhausting, toughest, most exhilarating year of my life.

But it would’ve been nothing without the people I met during the year. And the people who supported the idea. And those who told me their stories, who taught me about Luna, who walked me miles and miles and miles, who put me up in their homes, who cooked for me, who said such nice things and wished me so well. So many people. Time and time again.

So, here goes. This list is in no way complete. It’s a stab at trying to thank as many people as I can for helping in ways that only selflessness and kindness can produce. (For all the rubbish things that happen around the world, there are still many good people on this planet.)

Firstly, thank you to everyone who read the blog, still reads the blog, who commented on blog posts, who emailed me and followed me on Twitter and sent such lovely messages to me.

Then, hugely sincere thanks to,

Mum, Dad, my two bigger brothers, Natalie, Susannah M, Debbie the lovely white witch, Dan O, Jan Dooner, Sam C, Matt and Sarah, Christophe Philipps, Dr Das Baskill, Colin S, Sir Patrick Moore, Steve Owens and the IYA, Charlie C, Steve and Pat F, David Phillips, lovely Maia, Mark L-E, Miles the Beard, Frea L, Kate W, David B, Head Moon (Rosie), Victoria F, Candy S, Carly, Pete the Mapless and John the Foot-Compass, Barb, Katy C, John Girvan, John Harris, Ben the drunken Highlander, Harry C, Agent Susan, Louis S, Tavi G, Rob K, Dorothy, Roz D, Doe D, everybody who contributed to, Colin the pen man, Tangle Goblinwand and Abbey, Brian F, Aluna Laura, Penny S, Christina, Hayley S,

& many many more,

& Luna.

Sorry to anybody I’ve missed out but to all I met, and to all who offered support, I’m forever grateful. You made my year.

(photo by Maia)

But do not fear (I doubt you were going to):

@waxingmoonman will continue tweeting on Twitter
I’m still writing stuff – about 2010 (a year of big change) and how she develops (
And since the end of last year I’ve had an idea crashing around my head for my next adventure – which, I hope, will take me into a new world.

One clue.

You’ll have heard of them. You’ll have wondered about them. But you’ll never have been mad enough to track them down…


Sam C said...

It's a sad day. The moonwalking adventure is at an end. Congratulations mate, I'm really proud of you for pulling off everything that you've managed to achieve in 2009. I really hope you get a book deal out of all your efforts. I'm excited to hear all about your 2010 adventures. Well done my friend.
On a side note, my word verification for this has my name in it, how cool is that!? He he!

Rob Self-Pierson said...

My security word is 'scrusna'. Not so exciting.

Thanks, Sambo! Great to have you involved.

St Ives Birds & Photo Journal said...

Congratulations Rob. I'm looking forward to the book.

Rob Self-Pierson said...

Thanks for getting involved throughout the year, Richard. I'll let people know how I get on with publishers.

tagskie said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

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